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RAZR Ice Auger Care & Maintenance

Keeping your Ice Auger up to date on simple maintenance is the one trick to ensuring your gear lasts for years to come. Follow these simple steps when storing your auger not in use.

RAZR 43cc Gas Ice Auger Maintenance Tips

Following these simple steps will ensure you years of use from your RAZR 43cc Gas Ice Auger.

  1. For the best engine performance use 91 Octane Premium Blend Gasoline. When filling the tank, always leave a least an inch below the filler neck.

  2. Use the proper oil, and oil fuel mixture as indicated in your instruction manual. If you use too much oil, the ice auger may be difficult to start, smoke excessively during operation, or not start at all.

  3. To avoid gas leakage when auger is not in use, close the fuel vent cap. The vent cap must be open and remain open for the auger to start and run.

RAZR Ice Auger Blades

Caution: Ice Auger Blades are extremely sharp and should be handled with caution.

  1. Check and tighten the two screws on each blade. Ensure the screws are tight and will not come loose.

  2. Carefully wipe your blades dry and apply a small amount of oil on the cutting edge of the blade.

  3. Keep your blade guard attached to the auger when not in use. The blade guard protects you, and protects your blades from unnecessary wear.

RAZR 43cc Gas Ice Auger Storage Tips

You can choose to store your RAZR 43cc Gas Ice Auger in two ways:

  1. Wet Tank Storage

  2. Dry Tank Storage

RAZR 43cc Gas Ice Auger Dry Tank Storage

Follow these directions to store your RAZR 43cc Gas Ice Auger using the Dry Tank Storage Method:

  • Run fresh fuel with stabilizer through the engine. This will prevent build up of varnish from fuel residue. Running the engine dry may result in the carb components to dry out, warp, swell or crack. For this reason, Wet Storage is preferred.

RAZR 43cc Gas Ice Auger Wet Tank Storage

Follow these directions to store your RAZR 43cc Gas Ice Auger using the Wet Tank Storage Method:

  • Make sure to fill tank at least 1/4 full with fresh, stabilized fuel.

  • Run the engine for 5 to 10 minutes. Then shut off and open fuel cap slightly to reduce the chance of pressure or swollen tank.

  • For optimal storage, run engine once a month for 5-10 minutes.


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