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Medusa’s Head: The Panfish-Busting Secret Weapon of RAZR Pro Staff Bro Brosdahl

Discover one of the secrets to Bro Brosdahl's ice fishing success - the Medusa's Head technique. Learn how to recreate this bait that will have the panfish biting in no time. Read along and watch the video to see the technique.

When it comes to ice fishing, few names are as well-known and respected as Brian “Bro” Brosdahl. A member of the RAZR Pro Staff, Bro has earned a reputation as a panfish-catching machine, thanks in part to his signature decades plus old baiting technique known as “Medusa’s Head”.

To create a Medusa’s Head, Bro overloads the treble hook of a small jigging spoon with maggots until it resembles a writhing mass of tentacles. This presentation not only eliminates smaller fish from the school but also triggers otherwise uninterested panfish. The tearing and ripping action of the maggots on the hook also attracts bigger fish.

Bro recommends using a Northland Spoon for crappies and perch, or a tungsten jig for bluegills and finicky perch. Alternatively, 4 or more maggots can be skewered on the single forged hook of Northland’s Bro Bug Spoon. When jigging, be sure to incorporate longer pauses between sequences to allow the maggots to impart their own natural action and scent. You can find all of Northland Tackles Ice Fishing gear here.

Bro’s Medusa’s Head technique isn't limited to panfish, either. He has found great success using this presentation for walleyes and saugers as well.

However, Bro warns that this technique requires patience and a willingness to experiment. But for those willing to put in the time and effort, the Medusa’s Head can be a game-changing bait that will revolutionize the way you ice fish.

In the video that we've embedded below, you can see Bro hooked up with a northern pike while perch fishing. At one point, the pike nearly took his rod down the hole, but Bro was able to grab the rod in time. While the fish did eventually come unhooked, the viewers can see the small tungsten jig with 4-5 euro larva on the hook offering the fish a big presentation, as evident by the pike that raced to the bait at the last minute. The video is a great example of how effective Bro's technique can be in attracting and catching fish.

And remember, there are not many perch that won't fit up a 5 inch or 6 inch hole, so consider picking up a RAZR Ice Auger and start RAZR'n some holes (a Bro-ism)

So, try out Bro’s signature Medusa’s Head technique and see for yourself why it’s become a go-to technique for Bro every-time he heads out on the ice.


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