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The RAZR Scout Ice Auger - Drill Requirements & Tips

To achieve maximum performance from your RAZR Scout, we suggest you pair The RAZR Scout with a drill that has the following features / specs:

  1. 18V or Higher Brushless Electric Drill

  2. Minimum 5 Amp Hour

  3. 1/2” Chuck

  4. Side Stabilizer / Handle

  5. 750 in-lbs Minimum Torque

  6. 550 RPM No Load RPM (Speed Setting #1)

The following drills have been tested by RAZR and come highly recommended:

  1. Milwaukee 2804-20

  2. Dewalt DCD999

Always follow these tips when when using The RAZR Scout Ice Auger:

  1. Always be careful around blades as they are extremely sharp.

  2. Ensure the collar bolt (not a wing nut) is tightened all the way.

  3. Ensure your drill chuck is tightened all the way, and lock your chuck if possible. If you don't know how to lock your drill chuck, consult your owners manual of the drill.

  4. Adjust the drill to "Drill Mode." You cannot operate the drill in a "screw" or "hammer" mode.

  5. Adjust the speed to Speed Setting #1

  6. Set the auger blade carriage onto the ice, and ensure your auger is plumb.

  7. Get into drilling position.

  8. Slowly increase pressure on the trigger of the drill, and let the auger do the work and shave through each layer of ice.

  9. As you approach bottom, simply cradle the auger and allow it to cut through without downward pressure.

  10. You can remove any remaining shavings from your hole by putting the auger in reverses to flush the hole.

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