24V Lithium w/9Ah Battery

The RAZR 24V Lithium Ice Auger is loaded with features such as  the industries highest capacity 9 amp-hour lithium ion battery, ergonomical two-handed operation with forward and reverse, and a powerful LED light.  Every 24V Lithium Ice Auger comes standard with a rapid re-charge base station, a  full size 40” power auger drill bit equipped with lightning fast curved blades.



  • Available in 6", or 8" hole diameters.
  • 9 amp-hour 24V lithium ion battery cuts more holes on a single charge.
  • Full Length 40" power auger allows you to cut through more than 3' of ice without extension.
  • Reverse function allows anglers to clear slush from holes. 
  • Push Button LED Light built into base of powerhead.  Great for illuminating an area in low light.
  • Rapid Re-Charge base station included, charge your battery in as little as 2 hours.



The RAZR 24V Lithium Ice Auger carries a three (3) year warranty on the powerhead, and a one (1) year warranty on it's lithium-ion battery unit.  We stand behind our products and want to ensure you have a positive experience.  If at any point you are dissatisfied with your purchase, please contact us.

24V Lithium w/9Ah Battery

SKU: 0012
    • 24V Lithium Ice Auger Powerhead
    • 40" Full Length Ice Auger Bit w/blades
    • 9Ah Detachable Battery
    • Charger
    • Allen Wrench & Collar Bolt
    • Instruction Manual
    • Registration Card
    • Warranty Info