Shipping Policy

The cost of shipping is based upon each specific order, and the contents within the order.

In most cases, RAZR Ice Augers offers Free Shipping on the initial purchase of your product through or if the shipping destination is located within the United States.

  • If returning a product, shipping costs may be applied. 

  • In addition to shipping costs, a surcharge may apply to some packages due to their size, weight, or destination. 

  • Shipping costs are calculated prior to completing the checkout process on this website. 

  • Please allow one full day for processing orders. This generally means that each order will be processed, by one of our shipping services, the following day that the order was placed. For example, two day shipping means two business days (Monday through Friday), which excludes weekends, holidays, and any other unexpected events that may occur. Should an unexpected event occur, a RAZR representative will contact you to discuss your order.

Return & Exchange Policy

RAZR Ice Augers want's to ensure you are satisfied with your products, and your experience in working with us.  We do allow for returns and exchanges, however we must consider these general guidelines.


  • To be considered for a refund, you must have purchased your RAZR product or parts directly through RAZR Ice Augers.  If you purchased your RAZR product at a retail store, please follow the retailers return and exchange policy and then contact us if you have additional concerns.

  • No refund will be given for parts that were purchased more than 30 days prior to the request.

  • It is the customer’s responsibility to pay shipping costs for all products or parts being returned for credit.

  • For warranty returns a shipping label will be provided.

    • After 30 days the shipping label is void and customer will be responsible for the shipping costs.

Please complete your Warranty Registration Card upon arrival of your new Razr Product.


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