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Best Electric Ice Auger For 2019 Reviewed

RAZR Lithium Ice Auger with Reverse – Most Affordable

RAZR is an upcoming company but you will be surprised by their expertise in making electric ice augers. As much as people prefer buying from reputable brands, RAZR deserves a big shout out for coming up with a budget friendly ice auger. If you had lost hope of purchasing an electric ice auger, the RAZR auger is here to restore your hopes especially if you are on a tight budget. In case you are just starting out on ice fishing, this model should be among your top candidates. Below are some of the features and specifications of this affordable ice drill.

Features & Specifications

Well, I understand there are people who might write off the RAZR electric auger simply because it is a new brand in the market. Let us see if their perception is wrong or right.

Stellar Performance– You might undermine this equipment because of its price, but you will be surprised by the performance it puts out there.  Its 24V 9 amp-hour lithium ion battery provides enough power to drill more than 1500 inches of ice when fully charged. This is definitely awesome because you will get almost the same performance with an ION Electric Ice drill.

Smooth Cutting– The RAZR does a good job when it comes to drilling holes. This can be attributed to the die cast aluminum transmission and the twin stainless steel curved blades. With RAZR you can drill around 15 inches in approximately 20 seconds. The cutting technology that has been applied in this ice auger is ranked the best in this industry.

Ergonomic design– Just by looking at this electric ice auger, you will notice that it is sleek and elegant. The handle system is designed to be as comfortable as possible. This allows you to make holes easily without applying much pressure.

LED Light– Just like all our picks, the RAZR has a bright LED light that is great when fishing under a shelter or at night. You can switch the light on and off whenever you feel like.


Comes with a 40 inches auger length, you won’t require any extensions

Durable constructionIt has two curved stainless steel blades

Comes with an LED light for those who want to fish under a shelter

Has the reverse mechanism

Comes with a quiet motor

Covered by a 3 year auger warranty and a 1-year battery warranty


It is not as light as its counterparts are.


The RAZR 12V is definitely one of the best electric ice augers in 2019 especially if you are on a budget. This ice drill is the best bang for the buck.

Author: Matt McKnight, HumberSport


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