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Brian "Bro" Brosdahl's Snowmobile Ice Fishing Setup

Learn from ice fishing expert and RAZR Pro Brian Brosdahl aka "Bro,"as he shares his tips for rigging a snowmobile for a successful ice fishing trip in this video from In-Fisherman.

In this video from In-Fisherman, Brian Brosdahl, an ice fishing expert, shares his valuable tips on how to set up a snowmobile for a successful ice fishing trip. For avid ice fishermen, having the proper equipment and setup is crucial to make the most of their time on the ice. Bro covers everything you need to know to rig your snowmobile for the ultimate ice fishing experience, from safety considerations to gear and equipment.

Bro starts by emphasizing the importance of safety when riding a snowmobile on the ice. He suggests checking the ice thickness and wearing appropriate clothing and safety gear, including a helmet. When it comes to setting up a snowmobile for ice fishing, Brosdahl underscores the importance of safety. He suggests using a studded wide track to improve traction and installing a windshield to protect yourself from wind chill.

Next, Brosdahl moves on to the gear and equipment required to rig your snowmobile for ice fishing. He recommends installing a tow hitch on the back of the snowmobile to attach a sled for hauling gear. Additionally, Brosdahl suggests setting up a rack on the back of the snowmobile to hold an ice auger for easy transport. He also mentions the importance of having a GPS to navigate the ice and find the best fishing spots.

By following Brian Brosdahl's tips on how to rig your snowmobile for ice fishing, you can enhance your ice fishing experience and make it more productive and enjoyable. With the right gear and equipment, you'll be able to safely transport everything you need and spend more time catching fish.


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