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Essential Accessories for Ice Augers in 2023

As an ice angler, you know that having the right tools and accessories can make all the difference in your fishing experience.

At RAZR Ice Augers, we offer a wide variety of accessories to make your ice fishing trips more enjoyable and successful. Here are just a few of the top accessories found in our online store:

  1. RAZR Ice Auger Replacement Blades - When your blades need to be replaced, have an extra set on-hand. Our replacement blades are made with high-quality steel and are not overpriced.

  2. RAZR Ice Auger Extension - Sometimes the ice can be thicker than expected, and that's when a RAZR Ice Auger Extension comes in handy. Available in a variety of lengths, our extension pieces easily attach to your auger, allowing you to drill in any thickness of ice.

  3. RAZR Beanie/Stocking Cap - Keep your head warm during those cold winter days with the RAZR Beanie/Stocking Cap. A classic RAZR Ice Augers logo, this hat is a stylish and practical addition to any ice angler's wardrobe.

  4. RAZR Bait Puck - Keep your bait fresh and organized with the RAZR Bait Puck. Made with durable materials and a tight-fitting lid, this compact container easily fits into your tackle box or fishing bag.

  5. RAZR Lithium Battery - Power your RAZR 40V or 24V Ice Auger with our high-performance Lithium Battery. Designed to deliver reliable and long-lasting power, this battery is perfect for those long days on the ice.

  6. RAZR Blade Guard Cover - Protect your auger with the Blade Guard Cover. Made with heavy-duty materials, this cover keeps you and your blades safe from dings, and other damage during transport or storage.

At RAZR Ice Augers, we're committed to providing ice anglers with the best tools and accessories to enhance their fishing experience. Whether you're looking for a new ice auger, replacement blades, or a warm hat, we've got you covered. Check out our online store today to see our full selection of accessories and get ready for your next ice fishing adventure.


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