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General Care Tips For Your RAZR Ice Auger

Follow these general maintenance and care tips to ensure your RAZR Ice Auger performs well and lasts season after season.

RAZR Ice Augers are designed for precision and durability, but proper maintenance and care are also critical to ensure your auger operates smoothly and lasts for years.

Whether you have a hand or power auger, there are general blade care practices that apply to both. Always keep the blade guard in place when not using the auger to protect the blades from damage. The blade guard also protects you from injury. After use, dry the blades with a cloth and apply a small amount of oil to the cutting edge to prevent rust and maintain sharpness. Before using the auger, check and tighten the blade screws to prevent blades from falling off during use.

It's crucial to be aware of your surroundings when using the auger. Do not wear loose clothing, drawstrings, or articles that can get caught in the auger, which can cause injury. Avoid drilling partial holes and leaving the auger standing, as this can bend the drill unit and cause the auger to become stuck in the ice.

If the auger binds or cuts hard, avoid slamming it in the hole, as this can damage the flighting and blades, making it difficult to drill holes. Tighten the blade screws and collar bolt before each use to ensure everything is in place and functioning correctly.

By following these maintenance and care guidelines, your RAZR Ice Auger will perform well and provide many successful ice fishing trips. Always prioritize safety and use the auger carefully to avoid injury and extend its lifespan.


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