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Ice Auger Extensions: Enhance Your Auger Capabilities

Ice fishing can be a great winter activity, but drilling through thick ice can be a challenge. Luckily, there are ice auger extensions that can help make the process easier and more efficient.

RAZR power auger extensions are a great addition for ice anglers looking to drill through thick ice with ease.

These extensions are available in 8, 12, and 20 inch models and are designed to bring the drill to a comfortable and safe height while operating – especially if you drill holes in a wheelhouse, skidhouse, or Snobear. To add the extension and increase the auger's total length, all you need is the Allen Wrench that came with your RAZR. Power Auger Extensions fit the RAZR Ultra, 40V, and 24v models.

For Synthetic Lite and RAZR Scout® augers, you can pair the adapter ext. that comes with your auger with a 12 or 20 inch extension. It features a collar bolt connection on the top and a tapered bottom for easy connection with the collar bolt included with each auger. This makes it easy to extend the reach of your auger when drilling through thick ice.

Finally, for those using RAZR Hand Augers, there are 12 or 20 inch hand auger extensions available that fit both the Curved Blade and Flat Blade augers. These extensions feature a wing bolt connection on the top and a tapered bottom for easy connection with the wing bolt included with the hand auger. This can make drilling through thick ice easier and less strenuous on the body, allowing you to fish for longer periods without getting tired. No matter what type of auger you are using, RAZR has an extension to enhance performance and make ice fishing more enjoyable.


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