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RAZR Ice Augers now offers The Scout in a 7" hole size! Brian Brosdahl gives two thumbs up.

Now, and throughout the next several weeks the 7" RAZR Scout Ice Auger will hit the shelves at sporting goods stores, bait stores, and dealers across the ice belt. The new addition means the Scout is available in five sizes from 4"to 8"creating the most complete line of brushless drill ice augers on the market today.

The options in auger sizes appeals to fishing professional Brian Brosdahl. He asks, "Do you need to search for fish with a large ice auger? I don't. I like the smaller bits for that. Once I find them I can quickly change over to my six, seven or eight inch bit." You can view a quick video from Bro below showing his Scout in action.

"We are excited to announce the launch of the seven inch unit, especially when you consider it completes our lineup of five different hole sizes," said Nick Cox, Vice President of RAZR Ice Augers. "Attaching an ice auger to your drill isn't a new thing. Savvy anglers have been doing this for years. What we're doing is offering more choice and a more efficient way to drill holes thanks in part to our cutting technology."

Every RAZR Scout Ice Auger purchase includes:

  • RAZR Powr Curved Blades and Center Point with a blade guard cover.

  • Strong and durable 1/2" drill adapter with variable length extension, allowing you to quickly adjust your auger height from 30" to 43".

  • Easy-View Safety Flange for preventing accidental auger loss down the hole.

  • 3-Year Warranty.

  • Hand Auger Handle (RAZR Scout Kit only)*

Additionally, the Scout will be offered in two variations this year: RAZR Scout and RAZR Scout Kit. While both boxes will contain everything needed to attach the ice auger to a brushless drill, the RAZR Scout Kit will include a hand auger handle in the box.

Here is a quick look at what size augers anglers are using, and for what purpose:

  • 4" Razr Scout - This lightweight, compact, and extremely fast ice auger is excellent for those "scouting" missions. The hole size works great for transducers and underwater cameras. Use this size for locating fish with less fatigue on yourself, and your drill motor and battery.

  • 5" Razr Scout - Weighing in only 9oz. more than the 4" Scout, this again is a lightweight, compact and extremely fast, efficient ice auger. The 5" Scout offers similar uses as the 4" size but provides the added value of being able to fish for various size Bluegills, Crappies, Perch, and "eater size" walleyes. One of the longtime secrets to a higher catch rate is to consider smaller hole sizes. Fish have a tendency to be able to come up and out of the hole, but rarely can turn and spit the hook and escape, resulting in a higher catch rate and more fun.

  • 6" Razr Scout - One of the most common hole sizes available to ice anglers everywhere. The 6" Scout is an excellent tool for targeting larger Bluegills, Crappie, Perch, Walleye, Trout and more. Battery and drill fatigue are less concern here when compared to the larger sizes. The 6" Scout is a great "middle of the pack" ice auger.

  • 7" Razr Scout - New for the 2021/2022 ice fishing season is the 7"Scout. Able to handle large fish encounters, plus the added ability to utilize any live series sonar makes the 7" Scout a win/win.

  • 8" Razr Scout - This is the largest size option available in the RAZR Scout series. The 8" RAZR Scout can handle Walleye, Northern Pike, and certainly any fish below its size class. Weighing less than 9 lbs. the unit is lightweight, but also extremely durable thanks to its built tough steel materials. This is a classic ice auger hole size that will comfortably tag along on any ice fishing adventure, no matter the target species.

See you on the ice.


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