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Reopening Old Holes: RAZR Synthetic Ultra Ice Auger

Are you tired of the struggles of redrilling holes in ice fishing? Learn about the revolutionary technology of RAZR Ice Auger that will make the process a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Bro does it too!

Ice fishing requires the obvious of drilling holes into the ice to catch fish. However, the process of redrilling holes can be frustrating. In this blog post, we will discuss the revolutionary technology of RAZR Ice Auger that makes redrilling holes a much smoother and enjoyable experience.

In addition to the information in this article, we have also included a video below featuring Brad Hawthorne giving a walkthrough on how to redrill or reopen a frozen hole using the RAZR Ice Auger. This video will provide a step-by-step guide on how to use the auger with ease and efficiency. Check out the video to see firsthand how the RAZR Ice Auger can revolutionize your ice fishing experience. Are you ready to make the switch? Try out the RAZR Ice Auger for yourself and see why it's becoming the go-to choice for ice anglers everywhere.

What's the rumor about curved blades?

As we all know, one of the major knocks on Curved Blades, or what have commonly been marketed as something that starts with L and ends with azer, is they're pretty lousy at redrilling holes. It gets repeated year after year. While this might be the case with "those" other blades, we are happy to report that the RAZR Curved and Pro Curved Blades have no problems reopening frozen holes. Not to mention, curved style blades are fast and more efficient at drilling ice that flat shaver style blades that might be found on many brands due to the ease and affordability of sourcing flat blades.

Why redrilling holes can be difficult?

Ice refreezes in a fishing hole from the outside in, so there is never a uniform amount of ice for the auger to engage with, which can create issues while redrilling. This causes the auger to jerk around, making it difficult to get a clean cut. However, RAZR Ice Auger has come up with a breakthrough technology called "Ice Wings," which guide the auger through the hole, making the process smoother and more efficient.

The breakthrough technology of RAZR Ice Auger

RAZR Ice Auger has engineered a new breakthrough technology called "Ice Wings." These guide the auger through the hole while RAZRs Pro Curved Blades shave through the ice layer by layer efficiently and with speed. The Ice Wings are what makes the entire process of drilling holes a much smoother and more enjoyable experience no matter if you are drilling in clean fresh ice, or re-drilling old holes. With RAZR Ice Auger, you no longer need to struggle while drilling holes.

Brushless drills powering the auger

RAZR Ice Auger can be powered with brushless drills, making it a cost-effective solution for ice anglers. All you need is an 18 volt or higher brushless drill and a minimum 5 amp hour battery to get the job done. Brushless drills provide a more efficient and powerful performance, making the process of drilling holes faster and smoother.

RAZR Ice Augers are becoming known as the go-to for Ice Augers

RAZR Ice Auger has revolutionized the process of redrilling holes for ice fishing anglers. With its breakthrough technology of Ice Wings and Pro Curved Blades, it makes drilling holes smoother, faster, and more efficient. Additionally, the auger can be powered with a brushless drill, making it a cost-effective solution. So, if you want to enjoy your ice fishing experience without any frustration, RAZR Ice Auger is the way to go.


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