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The Modern Ice Angler: How RAZR Ice Augers and Advanced Gear are Revolutionizing Ice Fishing

From advanced ice augers and sonar devices to high-tech mapping tools and specialized gear, modern ice anglers are taking their sport to the next level.

RAZR Pro Staff Corie Berrigan

Ice fishing has come a long way from its humble beginnings, with modern-day anglers armed with cutting-edge equipment and techniques that have transformed this winter sport into a year-round obsession. For the modern ice angler, there is an ever-growing array of advanced gear and technology available, designed to help them catch more fish while staying safe and comfortable on the ice. In this blog post, we will explore some of the most essential equipment that every modern ice angler should have, including the RAZR ice auger, sonar devices, GPS mapping tools, shelters, Striker Ice float suits, quality rods and reels, and a good assortment of tackle.

The Gear of a Modern Ice Angler:

A Quality RAZR Ice Auger

The first essential tool that every ice angler needs is a quality ice auger, and the entire RAZR line of ice augers is a popular choice among modern ice anglers. With their fast and efficient drilling speeds, the RAZR auger can quickly and easily drill through thick ice, allowing anglers to spend more time fishing and less time drilling. Browse RAZR Ice Augers here.

Sonar or Live Sonar

Sonar technology has revolutionized the way ice anglers locate fish beneath the ice, and the latest 2D and Live Sonar devices are must-haves for any serious ice angler. These devices can provide real-time images of fish activity, helping anglers to target their efforts more effectively and increase their catch rates.

Detailed GPS Mapping

Modern ice anglers also rely on advanced GPS mapping tools to help them navigate the often-tricky terrain of frozen lakes and rivers. These tools can provide detailed topographical maps of the lake floor, and apps can provide real-time weather updates, allowing anglers to plan their trips more effectively and avoid any potential hazards.

RAZR Pro Staff Brad Hawthorne

Ice Fishing Shelter (shack, shanty, etc.) from Otter Outdoors

A good shelter from Otter Outdoors is also essential for any modern ice angler, as it can provide protection from the elements and allow anglers to stay warm and comfortable on the ice for longer periods. Whether it's a portable ice fishing shelter or a more permanent ice house, modern shelters retain heat, offer LED lights, and other features that can make for a more enjoyable and productive ice fishing experience.

Striker Ice Float Suits

Safety should always be a top priority when ice fishing, and the latest Striker Ice float suits are designed to provide maximum protection in case of an accident on the ice. These specialized suits are equipped with built-in flotation devices that can help keep anglers afloat in case they fall through the ice, while also providing added insulation and protection from the cold.

A Quality Rod, Reel, and an Assortment of Tackle

Finally, a modern ice angler needs a quality rod, reel and good assortment of tackle to help them catch the fish they are targeting. Whether it's ice jigs, spoons, or soft plastics, modern tackle is designed to be highly effective in a variety of ice fishing situations, helping anglers to maximize their chances of success on the ice. Check out the ice fishing rod assortment from Tuned Up Custom Rods, and don't forget to swing by Northland Tackle to pickup the latest and greatest colors, types, and styles of ice fishing tackle.

From advanced ice augers and sonar devices to high-tech mapping tools and specialized gear, modern ice anglers have access to an incredible range of equipment that can help them catch more fish while staying safe and comfortable on the ice. Whether you're a seasoned ice angler or just starting out, investing in the latest gear and technology can help take your ice fishing experience to the next level. So why not try out some of the equipment we've discussed in this post, and see how it can help you become a more successful


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