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The Top 10 Must-Have Items for Ice Camping This Winter

Stay warm and comfortable on your next ice camping adventure with these essential must-have items!

If you're a lover of outdoor adventures, you've probably heard of ice camping. This activity involves sleeping in portable pop-up hub houses and shelters on the frozen water, and it's a great way to experience the beauty of winter landscapes. However, to make your trip as comfortable and safe as possible, it's important to pack the right gear. In this blog post, we'll share the top 10 must-have items for ice camping, as well as a bonus recommendation for a lightweight and compact ice auger that will take up less room in your sled.

10 Essentials for Ice Camping

  1. Shelter - An Otter Hub House or similar shelter is a must-have for ice camping. It will keep you warm and protected from the elements.

  2. Flooring - Interlocking foam flooring will help keep your feet warm and dry by providing insulation from the cold ice beneath you.

  3. Heater - A portable heater is essential for keeping your shelter warm and comfortable during the cold winter nights.

  4. Lighting - Bring a lantern or other light source to make it easier to move around your shelter during the dark hours.

  5. Sleeping Gear - A cot, sleeping bag, and pillow will help you get a good night's sleep in the cold.

  6. Carbon Monoxide Detector - Any time you're using a portable heater, it's essential to have a carbon monoxide detector to ensure your safety.

  7. Food - Bring enough pre-planned meals, snacks, and bottled water to last your entire trip.

  8. Warm Clothing - Bring extra warm layers, hats, gloves, and boots to keep you warm and comfortable in the cold.

  9. Snow Shovel - A snow shovel will come in handy for clearing snow away from your shelter or campsite.

  10. Trash/Recycling Bags - Bring bags to pack out all of your trash and recycling, leaving the ice as clean as you found it.

Bonus Recommendation

RAZR Ice Augers RAZR Ice Augers offers a variety of lightweight and compact ice augers that are perfect for ice camping trips. Their Scout® and Lite models take up less room than any other ice auger on the market, making them easy to pack and carry with you on your next adventure.

Go Ice Camping!

Ice camping can be an incredible and unforgettable experience, but it's important to be prepared. By bringing the top 10 must-have items on this list, as well as a reliable ice auger like RAZR's Scout® or Lite models, you'll be ready for whatever winter throws your way. Stay warm, stay safe, and enjoy the beauty of the winter wilderness!


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