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Currently Smashing through ice with: 40V Lithium Ice Auger

Previously: Ion Ice Auger (Original with Ion X battery upgrade)

Reviewed By: Emily Lukacs Jensen

Loving the power of the 8" Razr 40V Lithium Auger!! I was previously a die-hard fan of my 8' Ion (with the upgraded X battery), but found I struggled keeping the battery warm enough to function as needed. But, love makes you do crazy things..... and I was one of those people "wearing" the battery in my bibs with heat packs.... What made me turn to Razr? Maybe it was the bright orange, maybe it was the sleek design? Either way, once I began running the 40V Lithium Razr, I realized there were some key details that took this auger from ice fishing accessory to a true angler's tool. First, Razr is a responsive machine that starts smooth and fast at the push of the button- there is no lag or slow start even when placed on the ice to drill a hole. With that, the tip of the auger has a set point, so when the auger is set on the ice, there is no wandering or walking (and less crooked holes)! This set point aids the fast start of the blade in allowing the smooth cut through any ice condition. The 40V does come with the reverse function to flush the hole, but most importantly, this auger stands up to the elements! Being in central Wisconsin we experience deep cold, wind, snow, sleet and I could not find a condition yucky enough to deter the Razr.... With that, the lithium power holds charge making it a perfect tool to not just cut holes in any condition, but to be able to cut  A LOT of holes in any condition! For the anglers searching new water, really trying to find fish.. this is an auger that can keep up!

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UNBOXING The RAZR 40V Lithium (Part 1)

Reviewed By: @WisconsinFisherman


We love to see videos of our customers sharing their experiences with us. The team at Wisconsin Fisherman shares their unboxing reaction video after purchasing a brand new RAZR 40V Lithium Ice Auger and 8" Drill Bit.

#RazrPowr #RazrIceAugers #RazrReviews

127 HOLES and COUNTING! (Part 2)

Reviewed By: @WisconsinFisherman


Kyle Tyree, host of the popular Wisconsin Fisherman YouTube channel posted this video of his experience running the RAZR Lithium Powered Ice Auger. He's running an 8" auger bit through 12 inches of ice and successfully drills over 127 holes, with battery power remaining.

#RazrPowr #RazrIceAugers #RazrReviews

RAZR 24V Lithium Ice Auger Review

Reviewed By: @NYBasser


Our 24V Lithium Powered Ice Auger has enough power to appeal to most anglers. The price can't be beat, and they work like a charm. Here is a review of the Razr 24V Lithium Ice Auger from our customer NYBasser.

#RazrPowr #RazrIceAugers #RazrReviews

#RazrPowr #RazrIceAugers

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