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Beware of Imposters: There is only one 4" Scout® for Checking Ice

Don't be fooled by imposters claiming to be the Scout® for checking ice.

When it comes to ice fishing, safety should always come first. Checking the thickness of ice before venturing out is a crucial step in ensuring your safety on the frozen lake. For the past five years, the 4" Scout® has been the go-to tool for many anglers for this purpose. However, with its popularity comes the risk of other products claiming to be the real deal. In this article, we will discuss the importance of using the RAZR Scout® for checking ice. Don't take any chances with your safety - always use the real Scout®.

The RAZR Scout® 4" Ice Auger

It's a valuable tool for checking ice thickness, no matter if it's first ice, chunk ice, or layered ice. The RAZR Scout® 4" Ice Auger is an affordable and reliable option that is made of high-quality steel and has easily replaceable blades. It can be easily attached to a 1/2” chuck brushless drill, allowing you to quickly and efficiently check the ice thickness. With an adjustable height ranging from 31 to 42 inches and a 5-year warranty, the RAZR Scout® 4" Ice Auger is the perfect tool for any ice angler, especially when checking ice thickness early or late in the season.

The Scout® Checking Ice - A Video

Check out this video by Brad Hawthorne showing just how fast the RAZR Scout® can shave through 22 inches of ice.

The Scout® Fastest Way To Check Ice and Use Your Underwater Camera - Video

Check out this video sent to us by a customer of their 4" RAZR Scout.


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