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Connect The RAZR Scout® To A Drill Plate

When you purchased your RAZR Scout® Ice Auger you also received a Brushless Drill Adapter/Extension with the easy view safety flange, a collar bolt and allen wrench. The 16 inch adapter extension designed to be connected directly to your 18v+ brushless drill and 1/2 inch chuck will allow you to easily adjust the drilling height of the auger from 31 to 42 inches.

The stock setup on your RAZR Scout® will allow you to drill through up to 36 inches of ice, but the RAZR Scout® Ice Augers are better suited for ice that is up to 25 inches. If you are drilling in ice beyond this thickness, you should consider a RAZR Synthetic Ultra which has additional flighting to remove ice shavings and slush from the hole and is better suited for thicker ice.

You Can Connect Your RAZR Scout To A Clam Drill Plate

Should you desire a more traditional two handle operation with your RAZR Scout® you can pair it with the Clam Drill Plate. To connect any size RAZR Scout® to the drill plate you simply need to purchase a Drill Plate Extension.

Drill Plate Extensions From RAZR

If you want to use drill plate with your RAZR Scout® Ice Auger you need to replace your stock adapter/extension by purchasing one of our Drill Plate Extensions, available in two different lengths 16 inch and 20 inch. These extensions will allow you to adjust the drilling height and total length of the auger by bolting directly to the drill plate output shaft, and into your RAZR Scout®. If you are using a drill plate setup, you do not need to use the safety-flange.

  • Available in 2 different lengths: 16in, 20in

  • Built from high quality steel, 18mm tube deign with female connection on top and male on terminating end

  • Each package includes the Drill Plate Extension and a Collar Bolt


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