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Early Prototype RAZR Synthetic Ultra: A Five-Year-Old Video

Five years ago, we captured a video documenting their journey towards creating our the RAZR Synthetic Ultra, starting with our earliest full steel prototype.

In the video, you'll see an individual testing our auger, drilling a hole through the ice with remarkable ease and demonstrating the smoothness of the drilling process. The auger in the video is a full-size steel 8" ice auger from RAZR, featuring the earliest version of the RAZR Safety Flange and RAZR Ultra Drill Adapter. We take pride in our commitment to innovation and dedication to providing high-quality ice augers that meet the needs of ice anglers.

If you're an angler searching for a reliable and top-quality ice auger, the RAZR Synthetic Ultra (launched in Oct 2022) is the perfect choice for you! With its innovative design and superior performance, the RAZR Synthetic Ultra is the ultimate tool for your ice fishing needs. Experience the smooth and easy drilling process firsthand by picking up your RAZR Synthetic Ultra today online or at your nearest dealer.

And, we've got some exciting news for you! We've managed to reduce the weight of the unit, with the 8" Synthetic Ultra weighing in at less than 6 lbs! So, don't wait any longer, visit our website at to purchase your RAZR Synthetic Ultra today!


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