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Ice Fishing 101: When To Use A 6 Inch Ice Auger

If you're new to ice fishing, you might be wondering what size hole you need to drill in the ice. The most common size for ice fishing holes is 6 inches, and it's a good size for many types of fish.

A 6-inch hole is suitable for catching panfish as well as medium-sized fish trout and eater walleyes.

One of the benefits of a 6-inch hole is that the fish is less likely to swim back down the hole and escape. With a smaller hole, the fish can only swim upward, making it easier for you to successfully land the fish. Additionally, smaller holes are easier and faster to drill, allowing you to move around the ice and try different spots until you find the perfect spot to fish.

But what about larger fish? Can you catch them with a 6-inch hole? The answer is yes! Large fish like trout and walleye can still be caught with a 6-inch hole if you play them properly and and get them to turn up the hole, it's easy. Now keep in mind, everything has a limit. So if you plan on catching giants, maybe look to a 7, 8 or 10 inch hole size from RAZR Ice Augers.

For those who use live sonar while ice fishing, it's important to ensure that the unit you are using or plan to purchase will fit in a 6-inch hole. While many modern sonar units are designed to be compact and portable, not all of them are suitable for use in smaller holes. It's best to do your research and confirm that the sonar unit you plan to use will fit in a 6-inch hole before heading out onto the ice.

In conclusion, a 6-inch hole is a good size for most ice fishing applications. It's versatile, easy to drill, and can accommodate many types of fish. So, grab your RAZR Ice Auger and head out to the ice for a day of fishing!


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