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Ice Fishing 101: When To Use A 4 Inch Ice Auger

Stay safe and fish smarter with the RAZR Scout® 4" Ice Auger - the perfect tool for checking ice thickness and uncovering hidden fishing spots!

Brad Hawthorne checking ice with a 4" RAZR Scout®

If you're an avid ice angler, you know that the first rule of ice fishing is "no ice is ever safe ice." It's essential to know the thickness of the ice before venturing out on it. That's where the RAZR Scout® 4" Ice Auger comes in handy.

In this blog post, we'll discuss when to use a 4" ice auger and why the RAZR Scout® is the perfect tool for the job.

When to use a 4" Ice Auger

A 4" ice auger is perfect for checking ice thickness, no matter if it's first ice, chunk ice, or layered ice. It's a lightweight and portable tool that is easy to carry and transport, making it ideal for checking the ice as you move across the frozen lake.

Using a 4" ice auger is especially important when ice fishing early or late in the season when ice conditions can be unpredictable. The ice may be thinner in some areas, and using a smaller auger can help you avoid dangerous areas,

Why the RAZR Scout 4" Ice Auger is the Perfect Tool for the Job

The RAZR Scout® 4" Ice Auger is an affordable and reliable option for checking ice thickness. It's made of high-quality steel, and the 1/2 Chuck Adapter is RAZRs proven design and will not snap or break. Additionally, the blades are easily replaceable and very affordable, making it a cost-effective option.

One of the best things about the RAZR Scout® is that it can be attached to your 1/2” chuck brushless drill using the included adapter extension. This feature makes it easy to drill while on foot, sitting on an ATV or snowmobile, or even while scouting from a vehicle in mid-season along your favorite break or flat.

The adjustable height of the RAZR Scout®, ranging from 31 to 42 inches, makes it easy to use in various situations. And it drills a 4” hole faster than anything on the market today, allowing you to quickly and efficiently check ice thickness or even drop a camera to find out what's below.

Finally, the RAZR Scout® 4" Ice Auger comes with a 5-year warranty, giving you peace of mind and assurance that this tool is built to last.


In conclusion, a 4" ice auger is a valuable tool for any ice angler, especially when checking ice thickness early or late in the season. The RAZR Scout® 4" Ice Auger is an affordable, reliable, and efficient option that allows you to quickly and easily check the ice thickness and even drop a camera to see what's below. So, whether you're checking the ice or scouting new fishing spots, the RAZR Scout® 4" Ice Auger is the perfect tool for the job.

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