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Ice Fishing 101: When To Use A 7 Inch Ice Auger

One of the most important decisions an ice angler will make is choosing the right auger size.

The diameter of the auger affects the size of the hole you can drill, which in turn affects the size of the fish you can catch. Fortunately, there are a variety of auger sizes available on the market today from RAZR Ice Augers, making it possible for every angler to find the perfect fit for their needs.

In this article, we will explore the benefits of using a 7-inch hole and when it is the best choice for your ice fishing trip. First and foremost, consider the weight of your auger. Lighter augers are easier to haul out onto the ice, making them a great option all season long. A manual ice auger with sharp blades can easily cut through 6-8 inches of ice like butter. However, drilling through thicker ice will require more hard work and may not be as efficient. Avoid using manual ice augers for ice thicker than 18 inches.

Enter the RAZR Scout® 7" with Curved Blades, a brushless drill auger that provides a larger hole without the bulk and weight of larger lithium power heads. Auger assemblies in 6, 7 and 8 inches are extremely popular for pairing with cordless drills, as battery and motor technology continues to evolve and outperform larger and heavier options.

One of the benefits of using a 7-inch hole is that it's less likely for fish to swim back down the hole and escape. With a smaller hole, fish can only swim upward, making it easier for you to land the fish. Plus, smaller holes are faster and easier to drill, allowing you to move around the ice and try different spots until you find the perfect fishing spot.

But what about larger fish? Can you still catch them with a 7-inch hole? The answer is yes, but it requires proper technique. Large fish like pike and walleye can still be caught with a 7-inch hole if you play them correctly and get them to turn up the hole. However, if you plan on specifically targeting larger fish, it may be better to opt for a larger hole size like 8 or 10 inches from RAZR.

Another advantage of using a 7-inch hole is that it moves 60% less material at the bottom of the hole compared to an 8-inch auger. This means that you will be able to drill more holes per charge with a 7-inch auger, reducing the strain on your drill battery and your arms. With less material to move, drilling through the ice will require less power and effort, allowing you to stay out on the ice for longer periods of time without feeling fatigued. This is especially beneficial for those who plan on spending an entire day on the ice, as it will help prevent unnecessary exhaustion and allow for more time spent fishing.

In conclusion, when it comes to choosing the right diameter for your ice auger, consider the weight, ease of use, and the size of fish you're targeting. A 7-inch hole is a versatile option for a variety of fish and can make your ice fishing experience more efficient and enjoyable. Check out the RAZR Scout® 7" with Curved Blades for a lightweight, powerful, and effective ice auger option.


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