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Ice Fishing Top Gun Brad Hawthorne Raves About RAZR Ice Augers

Brad Hawthorne, owner of Hawthorne's Guide Service and Ice Camp Outfitters, recently joined the RAZR Ice Augers pro staff and marketing team this past season.

Brad is a well-respected name in the ice fishing industry, and he brings his passion for ice fishing to the RAZR Ice Augers team.

When asked about his experience with RAZR Ice Augers, Brad said, "Not all ice augers are created the same. If I need to go out and punch holes to stay on fish for my guests and customers, I want to do it with the least amount of effort in the most efficient way possible. RAZR offers curved blade cutting technology and ice wings that takes the work out of drilling holes. They cut fast, they are smooth and not to mention they are easy on the batteries we power them with... And, by the way, I am on the same set of blades that I started the season with, that's about 2500 holes or so. Everything is built with incredible quality, and the products are very affordable."

Brad went on to rave about the RAZR 40V Ultra with its 7 amp-hour battery, which his staff use to drill holes for all of their ice houses. He also uses the new RAZR Synthetic Ultra and the popular RAZR Scout when searching for fish throughout the day. Brad loves the spirit of the brand and is excited to help develop new products that continue to evolve ice fishing.

RAZR Ice Augers is proud to have Brad on their team, and they are thrilled to work with him to develop new products and techniques for ice fishing. Brad's passion for ice fishing and his commitment to the industry make him a valuable asset to the RAZR Ice Augers team.

If you're interested in booking a fishing trip with Brad, check out Hawthorne's Guide Service. For a unique overnight winter experience, consider Ice Camp Outfitters on Mille Lacs. Brad also represents other top brands in the industry, including Humminbird, Northland Tackle, Otter Outdoors, Striker Ice, Tuned Up Custom Rods, Yetti, Minn Kota, Bagley Baits, and more.


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