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RAZR Brings The 40V Ultra To Its Lithium-Powered Ice Auger Line

The 40V Ultra Lithium Powered Ice Auger features an industry leading 7Ah Lithium-Ion Battery.

St. Louis Park, Minn. (October 27th, 2022) — RAZR Ice Augers, a manufacturer and distributor of the most complete line of high-performance ice augers, recently announced the RAZR 40V Ultra, a lighter-than-before version of their popular 40V lithium-powered ice auger package.

The RAZR 40V Ultra is available with 6" or 8" hole size. This updated model includes the brand new, lightweight 8" synthetic auger bit. The new flighting reduces the weight below the power head by 33%. You can also power the auger bit with an 18v+ brushless drill.

The auger is loaded with features such as the industries highest capacity 7 amp-hour lithium ion battery, ergonomical two-handed operation with forward and reverse, and a convenient push button LED light so you can be punching holes long after the sun goes down. Every RAZR 40V Ultra comes standard with a rapid re-charge base station. The 40V Ultra Augers comes equipped with fast cutting and durable Pro Curved Blades. The RAZR Pro Curved Blades are equipped with a serrated edge to help remove debris from the cutting edge while drilling, resulting in a more durable shaver style blade.

RAZR Ice Augers 40V ULTRA

  • Lightweight 8" Synthetic Flighting

  • 7 amp-hour lithium ion battery cuts over 1,785 inches of ice on a single charge

  • Rapid Re-Charge base station included, charge your battery in as little as 2 hours

  • Reverse function allows anglers to clear slush from holes

  • LED built into base of power head, with convenient push-button operation

  • Pro Curved Blades w/Center Point great for new ice or opening frozen holes

  • Durable Steel Blade Carriage

  • Steel Hex Shaft

  • Full Length 40"auger bit allows you to cut through 36" of ice without an extension

  • Extensions are available in 8", 12" and 20" lengths.

  • The RAZR 40V Ultra is backed by a 3 Year Warranty (2yr battery)

For more information about the RAZR 40V Ultra Ice Auger, visit:

About RAZR Ice Augers

RAZR Ice Augers is the manufacturer and distributor of the most complete line of high-performance Ice Augers available to anglers today. All products are supported with a complete line of accessories, blades and parts. Warranties range from three to five years.


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