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St. Louis Park, MN – Razr Ice Augers has recently hired Jack Rosenswie Company (JRC) as the company's sales representative for the Northeast region of the United States. For Razr, this announcement is part of their re-worked brand strategy and growth plan that is currently underway.

“We are excited to have Jack’s support with the entire Razr product line. We know that his efforts will help drive brand awareness in our northeast region” stated Razr Ice Augers Vice President, Nick Cox. "Being able to introduce our competitively priced ice augers to new markets is crucial to our success."

JRC is focused on providing high quality hunting and fishing sales representation, targeting the Great Lakes, Finger Lakes and Inland Waters of the New England area. JRC sells directly to dealers and distributors and will do everything possible to meet client expectations. JRC represents outdoor product lines for all seasons of the year.

Razr Ice Augers has expanded its product offering this year to include cordless drill ice auger kits, chipper drills and blades, and new accessories to support the entire line of lithium, gas, and hand augers.

About Razr Ice Augers:

Razr has been “behind the scenes” designing and manufacturing ice augers for leading brands since the first generation of modern ice anglers set foot on the ice. Nearly two decades and several hundred thousand ice augers later, their commitment to producing high quality, durable and long lasting products for the ice angler has not abated.   They’ve harnessed their knowledge and years of experience to bring you RAZR, a high quality brand offering a full line of augers for anglers across the ice belt.

The RAZR lineup includes lithium, gas, hand, and cordless drill powered ice augers - all supported by a full line of accessories including extensions, spare parts, and extra blades.  Each of these products are available at extremely competitive prices, and supported by generous warranties.


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