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RAZR Ice Augers "Ice Wings" Series: Ice Wings Are Built To Protect Your Battery and Motor

Keep your lithium battery-powered brushless ice auger running smoothly with the Ice Wings feature from RAZR.

With the increasing popularity of lithium battery-powered brushless ice augers, protecting the battery and motor is more critical than ever. In this fifth and final installment of our series on RAZR Ice Augers "Ice Wings," we'll explore how this essential feature can help protect your auger's battery and motor.

When using an ice auger, a jammed or bound auger bit can cause significant damage to the battery and motor. These issues can arise when the bit hits a particularly tough patch of ice or encounters debris in the ice. If the auger bit becomes obstructed, it can cause the motor to draw more current than usual, resulting in overheating, reduced lifespan, or complete failure. The battery may also be impacted by the increased current draw, causing it to drain more quickly and lowering its overall lifespan. Additionally, the resistance created by a jammed bit can trigger the electronic control system to shut down, requiring the user to reset the tool before continuing.

This is where Ice Wings come in. RAZR Ice Augers' Ice Wings are designed to prevent the auger bit from binding or jamming by reducing the amount of ice that comes into contact with the blade. With less ice in contact with the blade, the auger can cut through the ice more smoothly and efficiently, reducing the strain on the motor and battery.

When using an RAZR ice auger with Ice Wings, it is crucial to apply steady, consistent pressure while drilling. This approach allows the auger to work at its optimum level, avoiding unnecessary stress on the motor and battery. In the event of a jam or bind, it is essential to immediately stop the drill and release the trigger to prevent further damage to the motor or battery. It may be helpful to remove the auger bit from the hole and clear any snow or slush from the hole before continuing.

The following models are equipped with Ice Wings:

  • RAZR Synthetic Ultra 8"

  • RAZR Synthetic Lite 8"

  • RAZR Scout® 8"

  • 6" Synthetic Ultra, Synthetic Lite, and Scout® models will be available October 2023

Investing in an RAZR ice auger with Ice Wings means investing in a tool that's specifically crafted to enhance your ice fishing experience. The inclusion of Ice Wings provides an extra layer of protection to your battery and motor, assuring you that they can withstand the demanding conditions of ice fishing. So, drill your holes with confidence, secure in the knowledge that Ice Wings have your back.

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