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Smooth Operator: Bro Explains Benefits of RAZRs' Ice Wing Design

Check out our latest video featuring Brian Brosdahl as he explains the game-changing benefits of RAZRs' Ice Wing Wing Design.

In this one-minute video, Brian Brosdahl, a fishing expert known across the United States, explains the benefits of RAZR Ice Augers' exclusive Ice Wing design on the blade carriage. Bro demonstrates how this innovative technology allows for a fast and efficient hole cutting experience with a super smooth breakthrough. He explains how the design of the Ice Wing wings helps the auger move through the ice with ease, providing a smooth and effortless drilling experience. Bro's expertise combined with RAZR's cutting-edge technology is sure to revolutionize the way you approach ice fishing.

RAZR Ice Wings are available on 6 inch and 8 inch versions of the RAZR Synthetic Ultra, RAZR Synthetic Lite and RAZR Scout® lines.


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