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RAZR Synthetic Ultra Adapters and Extensions Explained

Extension Options

RAZR Power Auger Extensions

Our Power Auger Extensions are designed to fit the RAZR Synthetic Ultra, as well as our 40V and 24V Lithium models. These extensions are available online as well as at a number of our retailers.

  • Available in 3 different lengths: 8in, 12in, 20in

  • Built from high quality steel and finished with our black powder-coat for durability and protection from the elements.

  • Each package includes the Power Auger Extension and a Collar Bolt.

Adapter Options

RAZR Ultra Drill Adapter

The RAZR Ultra Drill Adapter is compatible with both hand and power drills from RAZR Ice Augers. It's purpose is to allow you to pair your ice auger to your 18v+ brushless electric drill featuring a 1/2" chuck.

This adapter enables you to transform any 18v brushless 1/2" chuck driver into one of the the most portable, lightweight, and efficient ice augers possible.

  • 3 sided arbor prevents spin and allows chuck to lock tightly on adapter

  • works with 1/2" cordless drill

  • compatible with all Power Augers (22mm) and Hand Augers (18mm)

The RAZR Ultra Drill Adapter for Ice Augers is ideal for use with the following drill units:

  • Synthetic Ultra Drills (6 or 8 inch)

  • Power Auger Drills (5 through 8 inch)

  • Curved Blade hand augers (4 through 8 inch)

  • Flat Blade hand augers (4 through 8 inch)

  • Single Chipper Drills (8 inch)

You Can Connect Your RAZR Synthetic Ultra To A Clam Drill Plate

Should you desire a more traditional two handle operation with your RAZR Synthetic Ultra you can pair it with the Clam Drill Plate. To connect any size Synthetic Ultra to the drill plate you simply need to purchase a RAZR Ultra Drill Plate Adapter.

RAZR Ultra Drill Plate Adapter

Connect your RAZR Synthetic Ultra directly to your Drill Plate using our 18-22mm adapter. Comes with required M6x30mm hex socket bolt. *Drill Plate and RAZR Synthetic Ultra not included.


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