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The Only Tool You Need To Check Ice Depth: The RAZR Scout 4" Ice Auger

As we've previously discussed, the RAZR Scout is an affordable and reliable option for checking ice thickness. Made of high-quality steel and featuring an adjustable height from 31 to 42 inches, it's a versatile tool that can be used while on foot, sitting on an ATV or snowmobile, or even while scouting from a vehicle in mid-season.

The video was created by Wayne Schmaltz, owner of Garrison Sports, and Brad Hawthorne of Hawthorne's Guide Service and Ice Camp Outfitters, two well-respected names in the ice fishing community.

Its 1/2 Chuck Adapter is RAZR's proven design and will not snap or break, while the easily replaceable blades make it a cost-effective option for ice anglers.

In the video, you'll see just how quickly and efficiently the RAZR Scout can drill through ice, making it easy to check the thickness of the ice or drop a camera to uncover what's below. The speed and power of the RAZR Scout are truly impressive, and it's no wonder that it's become a favorite tool among ice anglers across the country.

So sit back, watch the video, and see for yourself why the RAZR Scout 4" Ice Auger is the perfect tool for ice fishing. Thanks to Wayne Schmaltz and Brad Hawthorne for creating this amazing footage and sharing it with the ice fishing community.


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