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The RAZR Synthetic Lite: It's like the RAZR Scout® But Weighs Less!

Ahh, yes. The RAZR Synthetic Lite - the ultimate ice auger for anglers who demand a lightweight, fast, and efficient auger for ice fishing. With a 30% weight reduction compared to our popular RAZR Scout Ice Auger, this 4-pound* wonder features ultra-lightweight synthetic flighting and a durable steel blade carriage equipped with RAZR Curved Blades and Center Point for steady and efficient drilling. The Synthetic Lite can be operated by an 18v+ Brushless Electric Drill or a Hand Auger Handle, and comes with 19” of flighting plus the only adapter that allows anglers to adjust the height of the auger from 31 to 42 inches. Our exclusive RAZR Ice Wings improve stability, balance. and breakthrough for a smoother and more efficient drilling experience. Every Synthetic Lite unit comes ready to attach to your 1/2 chuck Brushless Drill with our Brushless Drill Adapter Extension Kit. Plus, the RAZR Synthetic Lite is backed by a 3 Year Warranty. Choose the RAZR Synthetic Lite for your next ice fishing adventure and experience the ultimate in lightweight and efficient ice augers.


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