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RAZR Ice Augers "Ice Wings" Series: The Future of Curved Blade Auger Technology

Ice Wings are the first major breakthrough in curved blade auger technology since the early 90's. Learn how RAZR Ice Augers is making the ice auger hole drilling experience more enjoyable for ice anglers with their latest innovation.

This is the first of a five blog posts series about Ice Wings.

For nearly three decades, curved blade ice augers have been the go-to choice for ice anglers. The unique blade design makes drilling through ice more efficient and less strenuous on the user. However, there was always one issue that remained unresolved – the breakthrough at the end of the hole. In October 2022, RAZR Ice Augers launched their latest innovation, Ice Wings, to solve this problem. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at Ice Wings and how they represent the future of curved blade auger technology.

Ice Wings are designed to provide a smooth hole drilling experience every time an angler punches a hole in the ice. The wings guide the auger through the hole, ensuring a seamless transition from drilling through ice to reaching the water below. This eliminates any jarring effect and prevents the auger from binding at the bottom of the hole, making the drilling experience effortless and enjoyable for anglers.

Ice Wings are compatible with RAZR's 8” models Synthetic Ultras, Synthetic Lites, and Scouts®, and can re-open frozen holes with ease. Unlike other brands that require users to start and stop when re-opening old holes with curved blades, RAZR Ice Augers equipped with Ice Wings can re-open old holes the same way they would drill any other hole.

RAZR designed Ice Wings are built to handle all types of ice, including clear ice, white ice, and gray ice. With the ability to handle different types of ice, Ice Wings provide better performance in all ice conditions. The wings can also handle ice that has frozen, melted, and frozen again, or ice that has multiple layers.

RAZR Ice Augers' Ice Wings are the future of curved blade auger technology. They represent the latest innovation in ice fishing, making the drilling experience effortless and enjoyable for anglers. With Ice Wings, anglers can now drill through ice with ease, without worrying about the auger jamming or binding at the bottom of the hole. Whether you are a seasoned ice angler or a beginner, Ice Wings are a game-changer that will make your ice fishing experience more efficient and enjoyable.

The following models are equipped with Ice Wings:

  • RAZR Synthetic Ultra 8"

  • RAZR Synthetic Lite 8"

  • RAZR Scout® 8"

  • 6" Synthetic Ultra, Synthetic Lite, and Scout® models will be available October 2023

RAZR Ice Augers "Ice Wings" Series:

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