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RAZR Ice Augers "Ice Wings" Series: The Key to Re-Opening Frozen Holes Hassle-Free

With RAZR Ice Augers' Ice Wings, re-opening frozen holes is no longer a daunting task.

Re-opening frozen holes in the ice is very common. Perhaps you fish out of a wheelhouse, a or a skid house, or perhaps your hole from 2 weeks ago is the "spot on the spot." Re-drilling a frozen hole can be time-consuming and require a lot of effort, especially if the auger gets stuck in the ice. Fortunately, RAZR Ice Augers' Ice Wings make it possible to re-open frozen holes with ease.

Ice Wings on RAZR Ice Augers not only make drilling new holes a smooth experience but also allow anglers to re-open frozen holes without any hassle. Unlike other brands that require starting and stopping when re-opening old holes with curved blades, RAZR Ice Augers equipped with Ice Wings can re-open old holes the same way you would drill any other hole. The Ice Wings guide the auger through the hole, ensuring a smooth drilling experience every time, even in a hole that has refrozen.

When re-drilling or re-opening a frozen hole, the ice auger encounters different types of ice, but the Ice Wings on RAZR Ice Augers handle all types of ice extremely well. With Ice Wings, anglers spend less time struggling to re-open frozen holes and more time fishing. Ice Wings make it easy to quickly get back to fishing and maximize the time spent on the ice.

The following models are equipped with Ice Wings:

  • RAZR Synthetic Ultra 8"

  • RAZR Synthetic Lite 8"

  • RAZR Scout® 8"

  • 6" Synthetic Ultra, Synthetic Lite, and Scout® models will be available October 2023

With RAZR Ice Augers' Ice Wings, re-opening frozen holes has never been easier. Ice Wings make drilling and re-opening holes a seamless experience, allowing ice anglers to spend more time fishing and less time struggling with their equipment. Ice Wings are an essential accessory for any ice fishing trip, allowing anglers to make the most of their time on the ice.

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