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The Top 3 Ice Auger Parts to Check During the Off-Season

Keep your RAZR ice auger in top shape all year round by checking and replacing these essential parts during the off-season.

Brad Hawthorne RAZR Ice Augers Pro

Proper maintenance and care of your ice auger is essential to ensure it performs at its best on the ice. While it's important to regularly inspect your cutting edges, there are other parts of your RAZR ice auger that also need attention. Here are the top three ice auger parts to check and replace during the off-season to keep your auger in top shape.

  1. Blades: As mentioned in one of our previous posts regularly inspecting and replacing your RAZR ice auger blades is essential to ensure they perform effectively and safely. A damaged or worn cutting edges can affect the auger's performance and cause safety issues on the ice.

  2. Collar bolts: The collar bolts of your ice auger are responsible for securing your ice auger to your power source, ensuring the auger cuts smoothly. Over time, these bolts can become worn or loose, which can cause the auger to vibrate excessively. Inspect the collar bolts during the off-season and replace any that show signs of wear. Make sure the bolts are tight and secure before using the auger again.

  3. Battery: The battery is the power source for your RAZR ice auger, and it's essential to check and maintain it during the off-season. Make sure to fully charge the battery before storing it and periodically check it to ensure it retains its charge capacity. If the battery shows signs of wear or does not hold a charge, replace it with a new one.

Regularly inspecting and maintaining your RAZR ice auger is essential to ensure it performs effectively and safely on the ice. Checking and replacing the cutting edges, collar bolts, and battery during the off-season can help keep your auger in top shape and ready for the next ice fishing season. By following these maintenance tips, you can enjoy the reliable and powerful performance that RAZR ice augers are known for.


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